It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a Photographer?

February 17, 2011 by  

Andy Ringsmuth was flying high above downtown Lincoln Monday morning, taking aerial photographs of the city. Ringsmuth was able to capture the Grand Manse in a whole new way, from above. The aerial photo featured above truly displays the size and structure of the Grand Manse, formerly the Post Office. His work provides us with a pictorial tribute to the building’s history and how it has evolved throughout time.

The Grand Manse Wine Cellar

December 28, 2010 by  

The Grand Manse is proud to announce our most recent project, our very own wine cellar!  We are currently in the process of constructing this great space.  We have a wonderful vision for the wine cellar and the plan is to incorporate a variety of original pieces from the historic building.  The wine cellar will include original doorframes that are more than 100 years old, original brick walls, and a unique mahogany-top table from the 1800’s with intricate carvings.

The wine cellar will not only house the wine collection of the Grand Manse, but will also be available for others to store their own personal collections. The cellar will be temperature controlled so the wine will be kept at the optimal temperature.  The cellar will be located below the new restaurant that is being constructed in the southeast corner of the building and will be available to rent out for private parties.

Once completed, this wine cellar will be a truly unique space in Lincoln.  With the ability to hold thousands of bottles of wine, it will also be one of the largest temperature-controlled wine cellars in Nebraska.  If you would like to tour the space, contact Monte at 402-202-1776.

A little piece of history..

August 2, 2010 by  

Many of you may have heard something about the infamous Wounded Knee Trials in 1973, but most are unaware that the trials took place right here at the Grand Manse in our historic Grand Hall.  

The Wounded Knee Trials were the result of the clash between the Native Americans and the US Government in Wounded Knee, South Dakota.  Jude Warren Urbom presided over the trials and is recognized for diffusing some of the tension during the trials by not asking people to rise when he entered the courtroom because the Native Americans refused to do so.  One famous incident during the trials was the appearance of celebrity Marlin Brando.  An Omaha native, Brando sat in the visitors section of the courtroom and attempted to meet with Judge Urbom privately, but the Judge refused.

Today, the Grand Hall features the original jury box and judge’s bench.  The regal Grand Hall with its oak-paneled walls, marble bases and coffered ceiling is the most ornate space in the building, and has been restored to its previous grandeur. The beautiful plaster moldings were once hidden by a drop ceiling and the east windows were once covered by plaster panels.

Stop by the Grand Manse for a history tour and uncover more of the great stories that took place in this building.

Blue Orchid- Elegant atmosphere & fine dining

July 26, 2010 by  

Looking for an elegant atmosphere in one of Lincoln’s most historic locations?  Look no further than the Blue Orchid restaurant located on 10th and P.  The Blue Orchid has quickly become one of Lincoln’s most popular restaurants.  Not only is the dining exquisite and Thai food delicious, but the location of the restaurant makes it remarkable itself.  The Blue Orchid is located in the historic Grand Manse which sets the atmosphere just right.  The Blue Orchid has been referred to as “a touch of urban sophistication,” which I couldn’t agree with more. 

The interior is beautifully decorated with ample art pieces highlighted by the blue vases and flowers placed around the restaurant.  On a beautiful summer night come sit out on the patio where you can enjoy an elegant meal or simply sip a glass of wine in the summer breeze.  For a unique and cultured dining experience, come see what Lincoln has to offer at the Blue Orchid.

Blue Orchid

Painted History

July 12, 2010 by  

Art has a powerful way of capturing history.  Throughout the years art has enabled us to experience different cultures, different time periods and the lives of other people.  Art can take us back in time or propel us through to the future.  There are no limits or restrictions when it comes to what someone can create or re-create.  Not only does it provide a way for us to see images from the past, but it also has the ability to tell a story.

The Capitol Hall at the Grand Manse has beautifully painted murals that do just that.  It shows images from the past going from sunrise to sunset.  It tells a story of what life may have been like during this time, what the people wore, what they were doing, how they felt.  Come take a look at the beautiful mural displayed in this historic building and see what story it has for you.

Footsteps from the Past

July 1, 2010 by  

Stairs 04One of my favorite features of the Grand Manse is the marble stairway in the Northeast Lobby. This grand stairway wraps itself around the original cast iron enclosure for the elevator.  (The elevator itself has been updated since 1904 – just in case you’re wondering.)

I love the worn footfalls in these marble stairs.  Thousands of feet have carried people up these stairs during the past century. When I place my feet where others have walked, I think about a young man coming to file a land deed for a few acres of Nebraska prairie. I imagine a young couple almost dancing down the stairway after being married in the third floor courtroom.  I think about the Native Americans proudly walking up the stairway during the combined Wounded Knee trials in the 1970s.

I am walking through history and it reminds me that this building has a story to tell.  Walk these stairs and let them tell you their secrets.


American Heart Association Go Red!

February 12, 2010 by  

The American Heart Association put on a beautiful dinner last night in the Jasmine Room.  With a silent auction, cocktails and delicious food catered by On the Boulevard.  The room looked spectacular with amazing centerpieces and flowers on the tables.  The room was filled with over 250 guests as they all gathered to support the American Heart Association and learn how to live heart healthy.  It was truly a beautiful night.

Doane Alumni & Wesleyan Formal

February 8, 2010 by  

We hosted two great events this past weekend.  Friday night the Doane alum ni gathered in the Grand Hall for a night of great food, drinks and reminiscing.  It was a great gathering of the former Tigers. 

Downstairs in the Jasmine Room, Nebraska Wesleyan put on a great formal.  There was about 600 students in attendance and a very packed dance floor!  Green Gateau catered the event and the DJ kept the party going all night long.  Thanks for a great night!

Digital Sign Marketing Available for Any Event!

February 8, 2010 by  

At the Manse, we offer two digital signs which are great advertising tools.  These signs are available for use for anyone who is having an event at the Grand Manse, and with over 60,000+ cars passing by eeach day, imagine what this signage could do for your exposure! Advertising time is available for any on-premise business activity.  Call our office to find out more information!

New Light Fixtures in the Northeast Lobby.

February 1, 2010 by  

We just added some new light fixtures to the northeast lobby right outside of the Capitol Hall.  Here’s some pictures! 

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