Jared Ross Theatre Room

The Grand Manse is proud to announce the opening of the Jared Ross Theater Room. Designed as a gathering space for residents, tenants, and their guests, the JRTR features a 73-inch high-def television, PlayStation 3 with Blu-Ray capability, comfy, multi-level seating, a fridge, microwave, bathroom AND outdoor smoking room.

The room will be rented to Grand Manse residents and tenants on a first-requested, first-reserved basis. You are responsible to clean up the room (Remove all trash, food and beverage leftovers, etc. Resident will be billed accordingly if room has not been left in the same condition it was found.) after your event.

Use the form below to request the Jared Ross Theatre Room. Stop in the office Monday-Friday to drop off a $25 check or pay with credit card, and pick up the key. We will be in contact with you to confirm your request.

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