The Grand Manse Wine Cellar

December 28, 2010 by  
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The Grand Manse is proud to announce our most recent project, our very own wine cellar!  We are currently in the process of constructing this great space.  We have a wonderful vision for the wine cellar and the plan is to incorporate a variety of original pieces from the historic building.  The wine cellar will include original doorframes that are more than 100 years old, original brick walls, and a unique mahogany-top table from the 1800’s with intricate carvings.

The wine cellar will not only house the wine collection of the Grand Manse, but will also be available for others to store their own personal collections. The cellar will be temperature controlled so the wine will be kept at the optimal temperature.  The cellar will be located below the new restaurant that is being constructed in the southeast corner of the building and will be available to rent out for private parties.

Once completed, this wine cellar will be a truly unique space in Lincoln.  With the ability to hold thousands of bottles of wine, it will also be one of the largest temperature-controlled wine cellars in Nebraska.  If you would like to tour the space, contact Monte at 402-202-1776.

Painted History

July 12, 2010 by  
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Art has a powerful way of capturing history.  Throughout the years art has enabled us to experience different cultures, different time periods and the lives of other people.  Art can take us back in time or propel us through to the future.  There are no limits or restrictions when it comes to what someone can create or re-create.  Not only does it provide a way for us to see images from the past, but it also has the ability to tell a story.

The Capitol Hall at the Grand Manse has beautifully painted murals that do just that.  It shows images from the past going from sunrise to sunset.  It tells a story of what life may have been like during this time, what the people wore, what they were doing, how they felt.  Come take a look at the beautiful mural displayed in this historic building and see what story it has for you.