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Boiler Grand Hall is now accepting reservations for your next special event!

Please email

with inquiries.


Jasmine Room

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The Jasmine Room is a great location for your holiday parties!

Grand Manse

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Grand Manse also known as the  “Old Federal Building” was built in 1904 and holds a lot of history. Call today for a tour! 402-476-4560

Corporate Events & Meetings

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The Jasmine Room offers the ideal set up for large group corporate meetings or events with 3 – 17 foot hi-def screens.

Grand Entry

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The Grand Entry will welcome you into the building and lead you to our historic rooms.

Grand Manse

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The Grand Manse  is full of history dating back to when the structure was built in 1904.

Jasmine Room

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Create your dream wedding in the Jasmine Room of the Grand Manse.

A little piece of history..

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Many of you may have heard something about the infamous Wounded Knee Trials in 1973, but most are unaware that the trials took place right here at the Grand Manse in our historic Grand Hall.  

The Wounded Knee Trials were the result of the clash between the Native Americans and the US Government in Wounded Knee, South Dakota.  Jude Warren Urbom presided over the trials and is recognized for diffusing some of the tension during the trials by not asking people to rise when he entered the courtroom because the Native Americans refused to do so.  One famous incident during the trials was the appearance of celebrity Marlin Brando.  An Omaha native, Brando sat in the visitors section of the courtroom and attempted to meet with Judge Urbom privately, but the Judge refused.

Today, the Grand Hall features the original jury box and judge’s bench.  The regal Grand Hall with its oak-paneled walls, marble bases and coffered ceiling is the most ornate space in the building, and has been restored to its previous grandeur. The beautiful plaster moldings were once hidden by a drop ceiling and the east windows were once covered by plaster panels.

Stop by the Grand Manse for a history tour and uncover more of the great stories that took place in this building.

Blue Orchid- Elegant atmosphere & fine dining

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Looking for an elegant atmosphere in one of Lincoln’s most historic locations?  Look no further than the Blue Orchid restaurant located on 10th and P.  The Blue Orchid has quickly become one of Lincoln’s most popular restaurants.  Not only is the dining exquisite and Thai food delicious, but the location of the restaurant makes it remarkable itself.  The Blue Orchid is located in the historic Grand Manse which sets the atmosphere just right.  The Blue Orchid has been referred to as “a touch of urban sophistication,” which I couldn’t agree with more. 

The interior is beautifully decorated with ample art pieces highlighted by the blue vases and flowers placed around the restaurant.  On a beautiful summer night come sit out on the patio where you can enjoy an elegant meal or simply sip a glass of wine in the summer breeze.  For a unique and cultured dining experience, come see what Lincoln has to offer at the Blue Orchid.

Blue Orchid

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