A little piece of history..

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Many of you may have heard something about the infamous Wounded Knee Trials in 1973, but most are unaware that the trials took place right here at the Grand Manse in our historic Grand Hall.  

The Wounded Knee Trials were the result of the clash between the Native Americans and the US Government in Wounded Knee, South Dakota.  Jude Warren Urbom presided over the trials and is recognized for diffusing some of the tension during the trials by not asking people to rise when he entered the courtroom because the Native Americans refused to do so.  One famous incident during the trials was the appearance of celebrity Marlin Brando.  An Omaha native, Brando sat in the visitors section of the courtroom and attempted to meet with Judge Urbom privately, but the Judge refused.

Today, the Grand Hall features the original jury box and judge’s bench.  The regal Grand Hall with its oak-paneled walls, marble bases and coffered ceiling is the most ornate space in the building, and has been restored to its previous grandeur. The beautiful plaster moldings were once hidden by a drop ceiling and the east windows were once covered by plaster panels.

Stop by the Grand Manse for a history tour and uncover more of the great stories that took place in this building.

Blue Orchid- Elegant atmosphere & fine dining

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Looking for an elegant atmosphere in one of Lincoln’s most historic locations?  Look no further than the Blue Orchid restaurant located on 10th and P.  The Blue Orchid has quickly become one of Lincoln’s most popular restaurants.  Not only is the dining exquisite and Thai food delicious, but the location of the restaurant makes it remarkable itself.  The Blue Orchid is located in the historic Grand Manse which sets the atmosphere just right.  The Blue Orchid has been referred to as “a touch of urban sophistication,” which I couldn’t agree with more. 

The interior is beautifully decorated with ample art pieces highlighted by the blue vases and flowers placed around the restaurant.  On a beautiful summer night come sit out on the patio where you can enjoy an elegant meal or simply sip a glass of wine in the summer breeze.  For a unique and cultured dining experience, come see what Lincoln has to offer at the Blue Orchid.

Blue Orchid

Doane Alumni & Wesleyan Formal

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We hosted two great events this past weekend.  Friday night the Doane alum ni gathered in the Grand Hall for a night of great food, drinks and reminiscing.  It was a great gathering of the former Tigers. 

Downstairs in the Jasmine Room, Nebraska Wesleyan put on a great formal.  There was about 600 students in attendance and a very packed dance floor!  Green Gateau catered the event and the DJ kept the party going all night long.  Thanks for a great night!

New Light Fixtures in the Northeast Lobby.

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We just added some new light fixtures to the northeast lobby right outside of the Capitol Hall.  Here’s some pictures! 

New High-End Restaurant in the Making!

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The Grand Manse is excited to announce our latest project.  We have a great space under construction which we are looking to turn in to a new high-end restaurant.  This space contains many historic features and is located on the southeast wing of main floor.  One of the most unique features of this room is the historic vaults that it contains.  One of these vaults has the potential to be a private dining area or party room for the restaurant.  We are also looking to create an additional outdoor patio to offer more seating space.  This patio would put customers right in the middle of  historic downtown Lincoln with the greatest dining view. 

 We are currently looking for anyone interested in opening a new restaurant here.  We have a great vision for what this space could become and would like it to be a restaurant that features Nebraska grown products and could potentially be the finest steakhouse in Lincoln.  Another added bonus to this space is the ability to be able to cater any of the events that are hosted in the Grand Manse.  If you are interested in seeing the space or would like more information please contact us!

Also coming soon is the Grand Manse Wine Cellar!  We will soon have a great space in the basement filled with the finest wine in Lincoln.

The space is still undergoing heavy construction, but here are some pictures of the progress.

Photo Evidence

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There was a murder at the manse on Halloween eve.  Sixty sleuths in their finest flapper and Sherlock threads spent the evening solving the mystery (and maybe eating and drinking just a bit).  We have the photos to prove it. Enjoy this first set of Murder Mystery photos and watch for more to be posted in the next few days. (Hey, it would be too convenient if we posted them all at once.)

Update November 5th All Murder Mystery pictures have been posted. Enjoy!  If you’d like to order prints of these pictures, email event photographer Kyle Bruggeman at kyle.bruggeman@huskers.unl.edu

Clive Did It

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Cline did it in the garden with the opium tainted rose thorns.

Kudos to the two teams who sleuthed their way to right answers at the Grand Manse Murder Mystery Friday evening. Watch this space (Hey, we saw you look away) for pictures.

More Preservation

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The Grand Manse is great place to come to work! Every morning I across the terrazzo floors and under the the intricate Corinthian pilrailings for weblars and think, “They just don’t build ’em like this anymore.”  I’m proud to work for a company tharailings east for webt is investing in preserving this treasure. Check out the pictures below showing work on the original railings along the east steps of the Manse.  The original lamps will soon be restored to the judge’s bench in the Grand Hall.

Grand Manse Trivia: Did you know that Marlon Brando attended the Wounded Knee Trials held in Federal District Courtroom on third floor (now known as the Grand Hall)?

Find out more about the Grand Manse’s past and visit some seldom-seen places during “Murder Mystery at the Grand Manse.” This fun who-done-it will feature a murder mystery written especially for the Grand Manse. Dress in 1920s style and enjoy dinner and an evening of mystery. Tickets will go on sale this week.

Jasmine Room Remodel

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The Jasmine Room has been open almost a year. Check out some pictures from the remodeling of the former mail sorting room.